Our dedication to you.

We’re dedicated to serving you REAL Greek food ... freshly-prepared, delicious and healthy, made with loving care and rich with the wonderful scents and flavors from that tiny kitchen long ago in Astoria.

In Greek culture, we love to eat well! We welcome guests, we enjoy cooking for them, we make sure everyone leaves well-fed, satisfied and looking forward to coming back again.


Did you know that in Greece it is customary to eat the largest meal at mid-day? That’s a fact.

So eat like the Greeks!

Join us for our Pita Happy Hour between 3-5pm for $5 Gyro or Chicken Classic Gyros.


We can’t take credit for inventing good healthy food. Greek cuisine has been around for thousands of years! Feta Cheese originated during the Byzantine Empire, and was first made by farmers in the mountains from goat and sheep’s milk. That tradition still lives on today. The word feta means fresh in Greek! Try some on your pita, platter, fries or salad next time you dine with us!